Gerard O'Neill

Vegan Linguists

A screenshot of the Vegan Linguists home pageA screenshot of the Vegan Linguists translation dashboardA screenshot of the Vegan Linguists translation screen

This is a web app that I built during my tenure with the animal rights non-profit Vegan Hacktivists. It's a content translation service which aims to make animal rights content more accessible worldwide, since most of this type of content is written in English or other major languages. Users are able to request translations for their content and/or translate content for others.

This is probably the app that I'm most proud of building to this date. As of 2023, 100% of the code was written by me, and as far as we knew, there were no real bugs. Virtually everyone who used the platform also said that it was extremely intuitive.

The platform features a system which allows translators to review the translations of others, similar to code reviews on GitHub and other version control platforms. There's also a robust notification system in order to keep all parties—translator, reviewers, and the translation requester—in the loop at all times.