Gerard O'Neill


This is nowhere near an exhaustive list of everything I've done. Rather, this is a list of visually-presentable things that I'm proud to call mine—i.e. I worked on them myself or mostly by myself.

The landing page of PitchFTA, an application that Gerard O'Neill built


A gamified web app that I built for an animal rights conference in order to spread awareness of our organization to other attendees.
A screenshot of the Vegan Linguists home page

Vegan Linguists

A web app that I built to help animal rights activists get their content translated into other languages.
The home page of the private networking portal that Gerard O'Neill built

Private Network Portal

A private portal to help connect members of the animal rights movement to one another in a secure manner.
The home page of a website that Gerard O'Neill built for his friend

Kirby Marquez VO

A website that I made for my friend a while ago to showcase his poetry and voice acting skills.
The home page of Clay & Caridad, the Shopify store that Gerard O'Neill built for his sister

Clay & Caridad

A Shopify store with a custom theme that I implemented for my sister. I built it with no prior Shopify experience.
Gerard O'Neill delivering his talk, "Put Some Respek on My Name," at JS.LA in Los Angeles

Put Some Respek on My Name

A talk that I gave at in Los Angeles about the pitfalls that developers fall into when dealing with people's names in their applications.